How to Find a Business Exit Broker

So you have decided to sell your small business or company. The very first thing that crosses through the mind of most people (and rightfully so) is the question: how can I maximize the value of my exit? The key here is getting the right broker for the job. 
The task of finding the right partner to help you sell your business is no easy. There are countless examples of owners that ending up choosing the wrong broker or having a misaligned incentive structure with their broker. As a result, they fail to get the right buyer or fail to close a sale. The repercussions of choosing the wrong broker can be drastic.
However, if you choose the right intermediary for your business exit, there is a possibility of obtaining your exit goals. But how do you get to choose the right broker? Don’t panic because we have got you covered and in this article we are going to give some tips that you should apply when choosing a business exit broker. To start with, don’t try to find an exit broker on google,…